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Long-standing natural slate suppliers SSQ are marking the 25th anniversary of their world-renowned phyllite brand, Riverstone.

It was in 1998 that SSQ founder and Managing Director Ahmed El-Helw first discovered the material, extracted by the San Luis quarry in La Repressa, Argentina.

Originally formed from soft rock like shale or mudstone, phyllite is the product of hundreds of millions of years of heat and pressure.

The resulting slate-like material is beautiful to look at, can be split extremely thinly, and is highly robust – all of which make it an outstanding choice for roofing, cladding and flooring.

Today, Riverstone phyllite is sought after by architects, self-builders and commercial developers all over the world.

Widely popular across Europe, and especially in the South West of England, it has also been installed as far afield as Australia and California.

Riverstone boasts exceptional durability and water absorption. Assessed to the US testing standard ASTM C406, Riverstone was awarded an S1 rating, indicating it will last a minimum of 75 years.

What’s more, it achieves the highest possible classification in BS EN 12326 – W1-T1-S1.

Ahmed El-Helw comments: “On Riverstone’s 25th anniversary, I want to take this opportunity to recognise the incredible skill and expertise of the staff who operate the San Luis quarry – and thank them for their two and a half decades of tireless work.

“It’s only thanks to their efforts that we’ve been able to bring Riverstone to thousands of customers around the world, from nations around Europe, to America, Australia and beyond.

“I’m excited to bring Riverstone to thousands more new customers in the decades to come.”

If you’d like to learn more about the outstanding range of natural slate and phyllite products SSQ can provide, and their long track record of providing roofs for heritage buildings around the country, please contact us here.

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