Natural slate is well known as a popular, durable, and attractive roofing material. For centuries, however, slate has been used in many different applications. Slate can be used for external cladding, and for creating durable and slip resistant flooring both inside and outside. Its natural qualities make it the perfect material for both strength and appearance.

Riverstone Slate for beautiful patios

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At SSQ, our Riverstone Phyllite slates are a popular alternative to traditional Welsh and Cornish slates. Their attractive aesthetic and superb durability have made them the perfect product for a range of roofing projects across the UK. They are popular in both new build and heritage property renovations and thanks to our large UK stock have helped numerous contractors to complete their roofing project on schedule.

Riverstone Slates have also played an important role in some luxury exterior flooring installations. This rather dilapidated garden in West London was dramatically transformed into a luxurious exterior living space thanks to Riverstone Slates. The project used almost 1,000 300mm x 300mm Riverstone paving tiles separated by 100mm strips of golden quartzite paving. The completed project created a stylishly natural exterior area with a super safe nonslip finish on the tiles.

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Riverstone for landscaping and cladding

The latest product offering from SSQ is Riverstone phyllite for stone cladding. For all types of exterior landscaping projects, Riverstone is an excellent choice. Available in a natural finish, the natural veins of quartz and mica crystals add an attractive appearance to any construction project.

Riverstone for stone cladding has a Natural Split finish. With the Natural Split finish, the slates are expertly split by hand to create a traditional riven surface. Both finishes create a unique aesthetic and are suitable for all types of exterior cladding, walls, and landscaping.

Why choose Riverstone Slates for your exterior flooring project

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If you’re an architect, groundworker, or patio installation specialist, Riverstone paving tiles are an excellent choice for your next project. When you want to offer your customers a natural paving slate with outstanding durability and a sleek and stylish appearance, Riverstone slates are the perfect product.

When you use Riverstone slates for an exterior flooring or cladding projects, you will enjoy a range of features and benefits including:

  • Attractive phyllitic sheen appearance – beautiful natural aesthetic perfect for gardens, patios, and pathways.
  • Extremely hard, dense, and strong – will withstand decades of footfall with zero deterioration in quality.
  • Coarse grain and naturally riven surface – these natural characteristics make Riverstone far more slip-resistant than other natural slates.

As you can see, Riverstone slates are an excellent choice for any exterior flooring, cladding, and roofing project. Their versatility doesn’t end there, however. Riverstone slates have been successfully installed as interior flooring, stairs, skirting boards, kitchen worktops, and even swimming pools. They can also be an integral part of both residential and commercial installations.

If you’d like to find out more about Riverstone slates or any SSQ products, get in touch today. You can call us on 020 8961 7725 or send us a message online.

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