Craigneuk and Belhaven Parish Church, North Lanarkshire, Riverstone, Ultra grade

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Location: Craigneuk and Belhaven Parish Church, Craigneuk, North Lanarkshire
Architect: LBG Waterston Chartered Architects, Bothwell, Glasgow
Slate Used: SSQ Riverstone®, Ultra grade, Grey roofing slate

This Church of Scotland opened for worship in 1897 to serve the community of Craigneuk. Built using local materials, the slates could be traced to the quarries at Aberfoyle, which, during the 1800s, were the third largest source of roofing slates in Scotland. Sadly, demand declined and the quarries closed in 1957.

Adrian Smith, Clerk to the Congregational Board, managed the re-roofing project and explains how events unfolded. “No sooner had we started than the scope of the project evolved from a substantial to a complete re-roofing project!. Unfortunately, the scale of the roof’s deterioration became more apparent with each slate that was lifted and we soon realised that we wouldn’t be able to source the amount of original slates we needed. But the extent of the nail sickness and the poor condition of the slates meant that we had no choice other than to use new slates for both main slopes. In fact we managed to salvage only enough of the originals for the roof of the turret and the two, small flanking roofs.”

Architect George Waterston worked closely with Henderson Roofing Supplies, to recommend the best replacement in terms of colour, texture, quality, availability and price. Finally, the team decided that the best replacement for a roofing slate from Aberfoyle – was a roofing slate from Argentina…

Henderson supplied over 12,000 SSQ Ultra Riverstone® Grey roofing slates to complete the project. But, as Adrian acknowledges, “The ‘Church Property Maintenance Fund’ may have taken a bit of a battering, but doing a complete re-roof is probably less expensive in the long run – we know we’ve got a roof that will give us many years of service without needing further repairs.”

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